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              ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????Open the doors of opportunity with contactless ticketing

              It's time to transform transport??

              Your city is unique. And with that comes a unique set of challenges. But, in some ways, it's probably like many cities around the world. More people in cities are traveling on public transport and they expect more from the experience. New technologies are all around them but haven't made it into transport networks in many cases. What's the answer and who's going to do something about it??

              Are you a transport authority?

              This issue is probably already on your horizon. After all, you need to provide citizens with better services. But you also need to show you’re spending their money wisely.

              Find out what other authorities have done

              Are you a transport operator?

              Bringing the latest technology into transport could solve many problems. Imagine if you could:

              ? Increase efficiency
              ? Reduce operational costs?
              ? Find new revenue streams

              Find out what other authorities have done????

              Your passengers expect more

              Whether passengers use public transport occasionally or often, they all want a smoother journey. With contactless technology coming to the fore around the world, queuing and paying at limited locations for a ticket or to top up a pass seems a little outdated. It’s particularly frustrating if you’re used to paying for things with just a tap of your phone or contactless card. In a 2011 survey*, 60% of people said they’d like to see contactless payments replace cash in transport*.
              * Visa/Incite Contactless Research Poland, Turkey and UK, April 2011

              The benefits of contactless ticketing  
              Discover the benefits of contactless ticketing
              How does contactless ticketing work  
              Find out how contactless ticketing works
              Learn how you can implement contactless ticketing 
              Learn how you implement contactless ticketing

              Gemalto Transport Solutions

              When did you last use cash to pay for a journey? Bank notes and coins are being consigned to history, as a growing number of transport authorities around the world deploy contactless cards, mobile and wearable services. Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, is proud to accompany its customers in their innovation strategy for a greater transport experience.

              Get Inspired

              • Wearable technology

                From wristbands, fitness trackers and watches to jewellery and clothing, the potential of wearables technology is promising. Why not be part of the next innovation wave and revolutionize the way we travel & pay for goods? Launch a new technology that transforms travel ticketing from a commodity into a must-have fashion item: the wearable contactless device

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              • Nov 19-21, 2019
                2nd INTERPOL Fingerprints and Face Symposium, Lyon, France

              • Nov 26-28, 2019
                Trustech, Cannes, France

              • Dec 10-12, 2019
                2019 Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit - US, Las Vegas, NV, United States